Clear Resource Management for Line Managers

TPG TeamManager: Management of team availability

Access the latest information concerning a project teams’ workloads, including absences, project-related work and line activities. With TPG TeamManager, line managers can quickly and easily plan which projects their staff will be involved in and the commitments assigned to each department. TPG TeamManager is used to plan department resources but not individual project tasks, giving line managers complete resource visibility.

TPG TeamManger screenshot

Visibility of Actual Project Availability for Employees

Requests for generic or named resources by the project manager are automatically updated from Microsoft Project Server, enabling line managers to see them and allocate their staff’s available capacity accordingly.

Access Department Resource Schedules

Project managers can see the departments’ commitments via the plan published on Project Server. Project managers can then use TPG TeamLink (Excel) to dynamically compare the resources offered by the departments with their current project plans.

Benefits of TPG TeamManager (Excel)

Quick overview of project activities, availability and absences for all staff in a department

Simple handling of resource requests from project managers and easy allocation of staff using the same tool

Workload of each team member and department marked with easy to ready traffic light colors and diagrams

Line managers always have complete visibility and control over planning data

Data linked directly from Microsoft Project Server and resource schedule

Excel-based tool with no need for local installation

Works with Microsoft Excel 2010 / 2007

Alternative: App for SharePoint 2013, works with Microsoft Project Server 2013 / 2010 / 2007/ Project Online

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