Integrate Microsoft Project Server with SAP

TPG PSLink 2013: A leading SAP integration product

TPG PSLink® is a leading and SAP-Certified integration product. It enables the bi-directional data exchange between Microsoft Project Server, SharePoint and many SAP modules. The product was first released over 15 years ago, and since then has evolved and improved to meet industry best practices.

The benefits of integrating Microsoft Project with SAP

Streamlined project management processes

Data consistency in all the systems involved

Eliminates need for data admin in multiple systems

Better data quality as a basis for decision making for project managers, financial controllers and management

Integration of project planning, financial controlling, collaboration and document management

Demo MS Project SAP Integration

Extensive configuration options and checking mechanisms 

TPG PSLink® ensures the complete consistency of all of the shared data in the participating systems. An analysis of any differences shows the changes in the data before it is written to SAP – and only these approved changes are transferred.

Sync information from all SAP modules including:

SAP Module Data Integration Type
Human Resources (HR)
- Resource Names
- Resource Rates
- Time Entry
Project Systems (PS)- WBS Elements (WBS Milestones)
- Networks (Activities, Elements, Milestones, Material Components)
Plant Maintenance & Customer Service (PM & CS)- Functional Locations
- Maintenance & Work Orders
- Work Scheduling Operations
- Work Centers
- Material Components
Controlling (CO)- Cost Elements
- Cost Centers
- Profit Centers
- Internal Orders
- Functional Areas
- Activity Types
- Primary and Secondary Cost Planning
- Activity Allocation Documents
Sales & Distribution (SD)- Master Data
- Sales Orders
- Pricing
- Billing Information
Material Management (MM)- Purchase Orders
Business Warehouse (BW)- Remote execution of BW Queries
Project Portfolio Management (PPM)- Projects
- Phases, Tasks, Milestones, Checklists
Demo MS Project SAP Integration

Billions of dollars in projects managed

What sets TPG PSLink® apart from other SAP integration solutions? In the past decade, the product has been used to manage tens of thousands of projects worth over $15 Billion dollars.  

Enterprise Global Reach

TPG has a growing number of TPG PSLink® customers all over the world, ranging from small scale implementations to large global projects.
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Compatibility: Microsoft Project - SAP integration 

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“By integrating Project Server with SAP using TPG PSLink, we have been able to reduce the time needed for our regular budget planning from three man-weeks to one man-day.”

Helmut Kölbl, Sr. Program Mgr.,
Harman International