Visualized WBS in Project Server & SharePoint

TPG WBS Chart: Project Work Breakdown Structures at a Glance

The TPG WBS Chart generates a Work Breakdown Structure directly from Microsoft Project data and delivers a graphical representation of the structure and progress of your project. The WBS Chart facilitates your planning and monitoring processes and is used as a key method in communicating with your stakeholders and creating a common understanding of your project within the project team.

This App provides an overview of all your summary tasks, tasks and milestones with one click and visualizes the progress of each task with the 0-50-100-Method. The first outline level of tasks is arranged horizontally and all other levels are arranged below.

WBS Chart 1

You can easily customize your view by collapsing summary tasks or using the zooming options. The TPG WBS Chart can be integrated in the Project Center with the possibility to choose the Project for which the Chart will be displayed. You also have the possibility to integrate it in a Single Project Website or a Project Detail Page where just the project-specific data is shown.